January is the start of the new year and when you hear “new year” what is the first thing that comes to your mind?  New Year Resolutions! Things we”ll  do to improve our lives; exercise, eating healthy, travel, begina new activity, or perhaps just add a daily affirmation to  your routine.  This is a new year for Rowve and we too have decided to make some New Year Resolutions. 

Over the past year Rowve has vigorously promoted a healthy dynamic  lifestyle.  Our bags are the ultimate bag for the active person.  Our bags can go with you from the office to the gym, from shopping to the beach and everywhere in between.  You can use the same bag for swimming, dancing, yoga, diapers, and travel. And, using our bag in place of plastic bags  has a huge impact on the environment.  Now we want to go a step further. We would like to share with you information we feel will enhance your goals. We will continue to have the “bag of the week”; monthly “give aways”;  and, occasional affirmations. We will also continue to support a special charity; however, we want to include the latest and greatest information regarding health, diet, exercise and travel.  So stay connected and get ready for a New Year with Rowve.



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