Rowve Bags were born out of a simple dilemma:  the quest of one yogi to find the perfect bag.  After many frustrating experiences with sweaty yoga items inside less-than-optimal bags, Eve, founder of Rowve, realized the perfect yoga bag just didn't exist yet.  The closest she could find was literally a small  plastic bag; the solution for many-a-yoga studio.  

Normal gym bags can't handle items with any level of moisture.  Wet gym clothes or yoga items wreak havoc on cash, electronic items, jewelry and other valuable.  Many yogis lament water stains on their expensive bags, with no way to clean or disinfect the fabric.

Eve decided there was absolutely a better way.  She partnered with Ronnie, her mom, and they set out to launch a brand of eco-friendly bags that looked fabulous and answered the prayer of yogis, athletes, and gym enthusiasts everywhere.

The result is a series of handbags perfect for any on-the-go occasion.  All Rowve bags feature specialized laminate linings, preventing your wet items from seeping onto fabric, money, iPads, cell phones, and anything else allergic to wetness. Rowve bags are ideal yoga bags, fitness bags, gym bags, makeup bags, and even diaper bags.  They are insanely comfortable to carry around, and they come in various fashionable prints.  Some are even deep enough to hold your treasured yoga mats. Rowve bags are a must-have for active women who are after one bag to fit all their needs.

The Rowve team would like to give a special thanks to Sarah Calhoun, from Red Ant's Pants, who shared her knowledge and experience of starting a business with us;  Kathleen Fasanella for her invaluable book The Entrepreneur's Guide to Sewn Product Manufacturing.  And finally, Eve's dad, who has been the "go to guy" in the adventure and, who along with her two brothers, have encouraged and cheered the team on throughout all the trials and tribulations.

Thanks for checking out Rowve!  Please let us know what you think; we are always improving our products based on your wants and needs!