Is Tai chi the "new" yoga?  Am article in the Huffington Post, (01-08-14), gave five reasons why Tai chi could become more popular than yoga.  The article states the benefits one receives from Tai ci, however, it appears to me that the benefits mirrors the benefits one receives when they practice yoga.  I have taken a few classes in both and although movements are different the rewarding benefits are very similar.  Here are the benefits of Tai chi as stated in the article.  I suggest you  try both and then decide which is right for you.  Regardless, whether it's Tai chi or yoga, the Right bag for you is a Rowve Bag!

  1. Helps to prevent and fight disease.  Tai chi helps maintain bone density, reduce arthritic pain, reduce hypertension and stress, thus improving your quality of life.
  2. Tai chi is as beneficial to the mind as it is for the body.  Because it's focus is on the breath and physical sensations of the body it reduces stress anxiety promoting better sleep.
  3. Tai chi helps one to age gracefully by improving flexibility, building muscle strength, and improves balance.  Because it  is low impact anyone can do it, even those in poor health.
  4. It teaches you how to slow down and let go.  Tai chi is not about pushing yourself or over exerting yourself but to move gracefully within your own physical limitations.
  5. You can do Tai chi almost anywhere.



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