Several months ago I saw an article on how to pack your gym bag.  I was a curious, was there a special way to pack a gym bag, perhaps something I was missing?  The article was actually more on what to pack in your gym bag, however some of the advice in this particular article led me to search the cyber world to see if there were any other articles out there. To my surprise there were, and many carried the same shocking tips; using plastic bags.   One advised that if you were planning on showering to include several plastic bags to put damp or sweaty clothes in.   Another suggested a zip top plastic bag for damp items, using a sealed plastic bag to help keep bacteria and odors from spreading to the rest of your workout gear.  By the time I was finished reading I wondered how anyone could not know the dangers to the environment plastic bags cause.  Although there were many good tips, especially for a newbie to the gym, using plastic bags was definitely not one of them.  I wanted to shout “Use Rowve bags, they are perfect for the gym.  Here are some of the best tips:

1.  Ideally choose a gym bag made of anti-microbial fabric instead of a traditional duffle bag as this helps fight the bad odors that are present in may locker rooms.

2.  A gym bag should have multile pockets for all your personal items and exercise gear.

3.  A waterproof pocket for your water bottle

4.  A pocket for headphones and portable music gear.


This sounds like they are describing a Rowve Bag.  Our Go Anywhere bag is large enough for all your gym needs.  It’s lined with a laminate fabric which is easy to clean and disinfect so you don’t get the bad odors from sweaty gym gear.  It has a several pockets, a laminated pocket on the side large enough for a water bottle, and a back pocket perfect for an ipod or other MP3 players, and headphones.  The front clips work great for holding a rolled wet towel, so anything inside the bag doesn’t get wet.  And for your sweaty clothes, shoes, swimsuits, cosmetics, body wash, shampoo, etc., Rowve carried three different size Carry All bags which fit great inside the Go Anywhere bag.  So it’s obvious, if you’re going to the gym, for any reason, yoga, swimming, workouts, you need a Rowve bag. 

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