As you know September has been designated National Yoga Month by the Department of Health and Human Services.  Their goal is to help the public become aware of the benefits of yoga.  Aside from feeling good, the stretching and breathing one does in yoga helps in alleviating many health issues.  Here is just a sampling of the benefits of a regular yoga practice based on an article in Diet in Review:



  1. Decrease Stress
  2. Improve Flexibility
  3. Increase Endurance
  4. Improve Sleep
  5. Increase Immunity
  6. Decrease Pain
  7. Improve Steadiness/Coordination
  8. Improve Depth Perception
  9. Improve Balance/Posture
  10. Improve Integrated Functioning of Body Parts


Pictures one normally sees of the average yogi is of a white, female between the age of 18 and 45 and in great physical shape.  However, that stereotype of a yogi is changing.  Yoga is great for all age groups, all sizes of individuals and for individuals with various physical and emotional challenges. 

Yoga has been shown to help teens with body image issues as well as with anger issues. It is often a safe outlet for the adolescent need to push their limits(www.theartofyogaproject).  According to JoAnna Ross, founder ofYoga By the Dozen , yoga is especially effective for autistic children. Yoga helps “…develop their cognitive and motor skills; and foster self-confidence and respect.”.  Yoga works with autistic children when other sports and activities don’t because of the repetition and calm atmosphere.

 Because of it’s low-impact form of exercise yoga is excellent for seniors. It not only helps to build lean muscle mass and balance, both needed in reducing the risk of age-related falls and accidents, but it also fights other health conditions related to age such as high blood pressure, arthritis and incontinence.  An added benefit of yoga for seniors is that it provides a sense of community, a way to socialize and connect with others.

 And let’s not forget our furry friends.  There really is a yoga classefor dogs, dubbed Doga.  Amy Stevens, creator of Yoga4Dogs DVD, feels that doga imparts many of the same benefits for dogs as yoga does for humans, improving flexibility and core strength..  Not to mention,(because it is done with the dog owner) fostering bonding.

Don’t think you have time for Yoga?  Oh yes you do.  Yoga can be done anywhere, at work, in the park or waiting for the copy machine at work. Practicing one posture can help to calm your mind, ease an aching back or stiff neck and energize you. 

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