1.  The ideal yoga/gym bag should be made of anit-microbial fabric instead of the traditional nylon or canvas bag as this helps fight the bad odors present in our sweaty clothes and gym lockers.

2.  Must have plenty of space for yoga mat and other gym clothes and gear.

3. Lots of pockets: a waterproof pocket for your water bottle, a pocket for headphones and portable music gear, a pocket for your ID, car keys, etc.

4.  The bag must be easy to carry, whether you like the strap across your body, sling, or grab and go straps

Rowve offers three types of yoga/gym bags making it easy for you to find your perfect fit.  All of our bags are made with an easy to clean and disinfect water resistant lining, so no more smelly bags!  The Go Anywhere bag and the Sling bag are large enough to carry all of your yoga/gym gear and clothes and they both have lots of pockets to store all the important things you bring to your yoga class or workout. And, if you have a bag you like for your yoga gear but wish you had something to put your sweaty yoga clothes and towel into, we have 3 sizes of the Carry All bag, just right for your clothes, toiletries, shoes, swimsuits, etc.

I would like to hear form you, what are the most important things you do like about your bag and what are the things you don't like, or wish were different!



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