Meet Beoble.  He is the adorable dog behind Beoble’s Buddies, an animal rescue organization.  This wonderful organization not only rescues abandoned and forgotten animals, they also provide medical treatment, individualized one-on-one attention, socialization and training.  The volunteers at Beoble’s Buddies work very hard getting the animals they rescue ready for what they hope is their forever home.  Once the animal is healthy and ready for adoption, Beoples Buddies utilizes the ASPCA’s Meet Your Match program.  This program assists them in making a good, compatible match between human and buddy, laying the foundation for the human/animal bond to develop and increasing the chance for a successful forever home.  And, every time a buddy is adopted Beoples Buddies plants a tree to honor that buddy.  How cool is that! For the next four months Rowve will be working with Beoble’s Buddies to help promote awareness for the need homes for all these wonderful animals.  We will also donate 5% of our on-line profit to assist this organization in their work.  If you would like to know more about Beoble’s Buddies, or you would like to help them, you can visit them at www.beoble’



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