Welcome to Rowve!  We are finally open, It's  been a long journey, from start to now it has been about a year and a half.  There were many times I wasn't sure we would make it.  And just as many times I wasn't sure where we were going.  But we muddled along and now we are open.  How exciting.

Rowve started with a phone call from my daughter, Eve. She asked if I could make a tote bag for her hot yoga clothes. She outlined what her needs were and shared some ideas and asked if I could begin working on something. She was planning to visit  a few weeks down the road so I thought I could come up with a bag or two and be done with it. However, once she arrived the bags began to multiply, each one morphing into something else. By the end of a few weeks I had about twenty bags of different heights, colors, styles, and designs - one with this do-dad and one with that do-dad. She held informal focus groups with her friends, asking for suggestions, comments and ideas, and the bags continued to grow.

Finally, after a month or two we came up with her bag, THE BAG.

That was great but what was I to do with all the other bags littering my sewing room floor? She took some of them to her friend’s studio here and she took some back to Denver. My hope was that  some would sell  and I could recoup a portion of the expenses of making them. I took the remaining to Farmer’s Market, again, hoping to recovery some of my investment. What didn't sell  would make great Christmas gifts, and we would all go on our merry way.


The response to the bags was so overwhelmingly great that Eve asked for more. The ones in Helena were selling, and the ones in Denver were selling. And everyone who saw them came up with  more and more uses for them. Now I like to sew but I did not plan to spend my retirement making yoga bags, which had morphed into diaper bags and bags for swimming etc. So, in response to the growing demand   Rowve was born and Eve and I began our crazy, exciting,overwhelming, and fun adventure.




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