It looks like Rowve is moving all over the world.  That’s fantastic.  Rowve in England, Spain, Seattle, where next?  Keep the pictures coming, it’s fun to see who is buying Rowve bags, where they are from and what they are using the bags for. 

I’m amazed at all the different uses for the bags.  I was talking with my sister-in-law the other day.  She is a hospice nurse and she was telling me that she uses her bag to carry her instruments on home visits.  We have said there are a hundred and one uses for the bags, we just don’t know what they all are.  So let us know what you use your yoga bag for.    Email me at and  I will keep a running list.  I bet we can find a hundred and one uses for them. 

1.      Carry used yoga clothes

2.      Carry nursing equipment

3.      Holds my swimming suit and pool shoes

Another important feature of the Rowve bags that we haven’t really mentioned is that each one is limited in design and color.  We are making only a limited amount of each color and style.  So when you purchase a Rowve bag you will know that there aren’t a hundred out there in the world like yours.  It’s not quite a “one of a kind” but close.




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