Okay, so now that I have committed to yoga, where do I begin?  Maybe I should step back and think about why I want to try yoga, beyond the fact that my daughter teaches it and I make yoga bags.  Why do I want to do yoga?  Okay we all know it’s good for you, but why do I want to do it?  What do I expect to gain if I do yoga?  What concerns me the most is being held back from doing things, difficulty walking or not being able to walk as far as I would like because of arthritic knees.  Not even wanting to do some things because of aches and pains and feeling too stiff. So I guess I’m expecting yoga to help me expand my world today and in the future by improving my flexibility and muscle tone.  Not asking much.

So now that I have figured out what I personally want from yoga, where do I go now?  Having just spent a year researching everything possible about starting a business, finding material, finding manufacturers, etc., the first natural step for me would be to research.  What is out there on yoga, specifically the plus size yogini?  Before I step out of my comfort zone, feel exposed and vulnerable again, I want to have more information.  What’s out there?  Is there something specific for me?  Are there other individuals fighting the same demons as me?  Maybe, after all this time, the yoga world has grown and there are now classes that more designed for my needs. I think I want (need) to find my own curvy yoga community.  

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