For the past week I have been researching anything I can find on the larger yogi.  I was surprised  in both  the quantity and quality of information available.  When you look at all the information about  Yoga that is out there, the information on yoga for curvy individuals is limited.   However, what I did find was very interesting, thought provoking and inspiring.   Here are a few of the sites, videos, studios, etc. I was able to locate:

               Yoga for the Larger Woman  is an excellent site. You can purchase the Calendar I recommended last week on Facebook by going to this site.  I received mine this week and it's wonderful.   I know it will be a source of inspiration for me when I start yoga.  Vilma Zaleskaite is the co-director of the Yoga Project and the founder of the Yoga for the Larger Woman. I believe they are out of Portland, OR.  They offer classes, workshops, retreats, private instruction and mentoring.  And, they also have a pretty good blog going.  I will be following their blog and highly recommend it. 

               Curvy Yoga is another great site.  Anna Guest-Jelley is the founder of Curvy Yoga.  On her website she writes, “Curvy yoga… is a movement.  A loving  methodology.  A never-ending  lesson in noticing your body. A full- figured, full- hearted, full-throttle frolic”.  I love it.  She also states, “Yoga is the technology and foundation of my well-lived life – and well-loved body.  It’s changed my world, rocked my core – and become my life’s work”.  She offers classes, and certification for yoga teachers.  She also has home videos and podcasts.  Her site lists various states that have someone (with website and facebook page) who has been certified to teach Curvy yoga.  Check it out.

               In Manhattan  Michael Hayes started Buddha Body Yoga which is only for the larger bodied person.

               Megan Garcia is another Manhattan-based yoga instructor. She has a DVD (maybe more than one) Yoga Just My Size and a book “Mega Yoga: The First Yoga Program for Curvy Women”.

               Abby Lentz has several videos (Heavyweight Yoga) and teaches classes in Austin, Tx. 

So there you have it, a week worth of yoga information for the (to borrow a phrase from one of the designers of Project Runway) “Real” woman.  If you know of other worthy, inspirational sites, blogs, etc. email me at and I will post.  And,  another thank you to Emily for sending the information regarding Northern Lights Studio here in Helena.



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