Last week I was not feeling it.  I tried to blog about my yoga class and it just wasn’t happening.  I realized I needed to pull away from the yoga bag business and spend some time immersing  myself in what renews my spirit, fiber art.  So I worked on my current piece, a macaw.  I’m taking a picture of a macaw and making a fabric recreation of it.  I really enjoy doing this.  It allows me to be creative in a completely different way.  I suppose it’s like a yoga retreat for you yoga enthusiasts. 

When I decided to look into yoga for myself, I researched what was out there.  I began building a community of like-minded individuals from whom I could seek guidance, affirmation of feelings and inspiration.  Well, I have this same type of community for my fiber art; a group of creative individuals from whom I get encouragement and inspiration.  Because of the internet there are a million men and women I can tap into for inspiration.  However, I am fortunate to have several good friends who encourage and support me in my work.  Linda Parker ,Montana Quilts, lives here in Helena.  She is a fantastic quilter and superior fiber artist.  My other friend is Pat McGuire.  Pat and her sister, Kathy, can take any throw-away-object and turn it into a wonderful piece of art.     Unfortunately, she doesn’t live close but we’ve been friends for years and we are very supportive of each other.   These two ladies have been very encouraging of not only my fiber art but also of the Rowve yoga bag business.  So thank you Linda and Pat.

 It’s good for the soul to get out of the place you are at now and then and  allow youself to be covered in whatever brings you joy.

Now, after indulging for a week in my own personal pleasure, I am ready to get back to the yoga business.  Next week, I’ll share my experience in my new yoga class.



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