I have to be honest.  I thought, when I started talking about yoga and perhaps giving it a try, I was really only talking.  I thought that I would do my research, look for classes that were geared specifically for the larger person, talk about the classes and blogs and things that I found on the internet, and that would be that.  Sorry, no classes that fit my requirement here in good, old, small Helena, Mt.  Wrong!!!!! Believe it or not there is actually a Curvy Yoga Class here in Helena, MT.   It’s wonderful that Helena has a class for the curvy yogi and they offer that class 4 times a week, but… the flip side of it is that I really felt obligated to go.  So I did and you know what?  I love it.  I have been going for three weeks and I find myself actually looking forward to it.  And, because of some knee injuries I have difficulty getting up and off the floor, Robyn Lund, the instructor, has made great accommodations for me.   I have to say, if this wasn’t geared  specifically to my needs, I would never had gone back after the first class.  Not that the class wouldn’t have welcomed me, but my own fears and insecurities would have held me back.  Yes, yoga is for every body, but it does help when everybody in the class looks more or less like you. 



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