It’s been a while since I last blogged.  I was in Denver for a week with my daughter and I find getting back into my routine to be very difficult. The days seem to go by so quickly and then all of sudden a couple of weeks have vanished.

 Denver was great!  The weather was absolutely wonderful, light sweater weather most of the time we were there and this is the week before Thanksgiving.  It was really nice.  While in Denver I met a good friend of my daughter’s.  Eve told me that whenever she gets discouraged or out of focus with Rowve, she visits Shania.  And after meeting her I can understand her feelings.  Shania owns Symmetry, a Physical Therapy Clinic and full service Pilates Studio.  The focus of her wok is Muscle Activation Technique and she works with athletes from all walks of life.  Briefly, muscle activation is working with the muscles surrounding the traumatized muscles, to develop them and allow them to compensate for the traumatized or strained muscles. To get a better understanding of what muscle activation is you have to check out the November 5, 2012 Sports Illustrated article, “Stretching the Field”.  This is a great article on Peyton Manning and the muscle activation he has had done.  But… back to my visit with Shania.  Aside from owning Symmetry she is a super advocate of the Rowve bags.  She feels Rowve bags are for all athletes, not just for yoga enthusiasts and she highly recommends them to all her clients.  She  bought one for her significant other who swims.  Even though Eve has told me several times about Shania’s enthusiasm for Rowve, I was not prepared for the totality of her belief in our bags.  I was blown away by her excitement and belief in Rowve.  I walked out of her studio thinking “I’ve got to buy one of those bags. ( I have many).   Shania is a very neat lady, and not just because she likes Rowve.  She has a bubbly personality, the kind that pulls you in her direction no matter which way you were headed and you are thankful for it.     I feel very fortunate to have met her. My only regret is that I don’t live in Denver, if I did I would definitely be one of her clients.  She is one lady who really knows her stuff.   So go check out Symmetry on our Where’s Rowve page, and don’t forget the Sports Illustrated article.   And if you ever need muscle work done, go check out Symmetry.



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