The New Year is often a time when we think about the changes we want to make in our lives.  Going on a diet is usually at the top of everyone’s list along with beginning or renewing a hobby or some form of exercise.  Well, at Rowve we are also planning changes with the New Year.  Over the past 4 months we have been told over and over that Rowve Yoga Bags go way beyond yoga.  And, although they continue to be a great Yoga bag, we need to begin spreading the word on the many ways our bags are being used. So…in celebration of the New Year we will have new information to share, new products to offer; new pages to add to our website, and, hopefully, a more consistent blog.

To kick off the New Year we are introducing our new large size Carry All Bag.   We have carried this size in the studios that sell Rowve bags, and it was our number one selling item over Christmas.  So, although we have a limited quantity, we felt it was time to offer it to all of our customers. 

This bag is great.  As you can see from the picture, you can put all your hot yoga essentials in this bag.  Your towel, yoga clothes, washcloth, hygiene articles, and more.  I used it last summer while on vacation to carry two week’s worth of used and odorous socks and underclothes.  I’ve also used it when I swim.  I can easily fit a towel, swimming suit and swimming shoes in the bag with room to spare.  It has been used as a computer bag, a gym bag, shoe bag, and dancing tote.  Anytime you would use plastic, you can and should use the Carry All bag, small, medium or large.  The addition of our large black canvas Carry All bag, (lined in the same great laminate), makes this a super bag for men.

All Carry All Bags, small (8x7”), medium(15x9”), and large (17x13 ½”), are made and lined with the water resistant laminate which means cleaning is a snap.  Just use warm soapy water or clean it  with a yoga mat spray.

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