Lately I have noticed on my facebook page several postings with the same general theme, not giving up.  This really strikes a chord with me as I’m finding it very difficult to accomplish some of the goals I had set for myself this year.  One of which is being more consistent with this blog.  


Writing a blog is much harder than I thought.  I admire the bloggers who are consistent and produce blogs with something great to say.  This particular site doesn’t have a place for a blog list, but some of my favorites are:  Alive in the Fire; Spoiled Yogi; Curvy Yoga; It’s all Yoga Baby;, Yogi Muse; and Tiny Buddha..  These are but a few with my list  continually growing.

I want to thank Erica from Spoiled Yogi again for her review of our Carry All Bag.    Time is running out on the sale of the bags so if you were thinking of buying one, now is the time. 

Hang in there with me, things will get better!




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