As I stated in my previous post, Rowve is supporting Amy Clover and the 30x30 project.  Rowve is donating 25% of the profit from all bags sold during her tour and we are donating a dollar for every new like we receive on Facebook.  We are not donating the money to Amy, although she is an inspiration to all of us at Rowve; however, we are donating the money to the organization she is supporting with  her tour, To Write Love On Her Arm, TWLOHA.   And with several more weeks to go in the tour there is still time to like us and/or buy a bag and support this great cause.

  In my previous posts I included a link to both Amy and her 30x30 project and to TWLOHA.  If you didn’t check them out I’ll share a few things I have learned about TWLOHA.  First and foremost community is essential to TWLOHA.  Treatment is important but community is essential.  People need to know they are not alone, relationships are important.  So they direct most of their work through the building of community.  The Storyteller program is a high school program in which a student(s) and their advisors work together to raise awareness of mental health issues in high school.   They do this through activities and fundraisers. For the college level they have Uchapters, working to raise awareness and be a community for those who may be struggling with mental health issues.  And, Street Teams are for those of you who want to support TWLOHA and to be part of the solutions, conversations, and events happening in your area.  This is an online program.  So there you have it, a short version of the great things TWLOHA is doing and why it is so important for you to find your way of supporting them.



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