There are so many uses for these bags.  What would you use the bag for? The Many uses of the Carry All Bag.

As all of you know the Carry All bag was originally created as an alternative to the use of plastic bags for my daughter who teaches and practices hot yoga.  After a hot yoga class you have wet, smelly, soiled clothes and if you don’t put them into a plastic bag, you run the risk of ruining your gym bag and whatever else is in your gym bag.  This is what was happening with my daughter.  She did not opt to use plastic bags and she would throw her used clothes into a gym bag.  After a while the bag and other things began to smell.  She also ruined a leather wallet that she forgot was in the gym bag when she tossed her wet yoga clothes inside.

To our surprise we found, through you, our friends and customers, there are so many other uses for the bag.

The small carry all is perfect for travel size hygiene products.  It will easily carry a travel size shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, and more.  I used the small carry all for a purse when I attended a wedding.  I could put my phone, credit cards, money, car keys, paper, pens and a small camera inside the bag.  Because of the side strap I could carry it around my wrist, allowing me to take pictures without worrying about where my purse was.  Dinner was buffet style and again it was great to be able to take my purse with me and not have to be concerned about it slipping from my shoulder as I juggled plates  and glasses.

Remember Talulah from a couple of posts ago?  Talulah has the medium Carry All bag which she uses for her dance class.  As her mom stated, it holds all of her dance necessities and more.  I use the medium Carry All for swimming.  Because the laminate is water resistant I can put my wet swimming suit and pool shoes inside the bag, toss it into my Go Anywhere bag, and my other clothes stay dry.  And moms, it’s great as a diaper bag.  It’s the perfect size for diapers, a change of clothes, powder, ointment, whatever you need.  And when you do have a messy diaper, no more plastic bags, just put it in the bag and you are good to go.

The large Carry All is perfect for all you hot yogis.  After a class you can put your yoga clothes and towel into the bag, and again, it keeps your other clothes clean.  I used the large Carry All bag when I went on a week- long cruise.  It was the perfect bag for our used undies, socks and shirts, things I did not want to mix with the clean clothes and for which I would have normally used a plastic bag.

There are so many other uses for the Rowve Carry All bag.  What would you use it for?  Contact us at



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