Bag of the Week.

There are many reasons the Rowve sling bag is the perfect bag for you.  It’s,comfortable, affordable, attractive, durable, and, like all Rowve bags, it’s lined in laminate making it easy to clean and keep fresh, which then makes it versatile.

The sling bag is extremely comfortable, wear it across your body or over your shoulder.  And because of the design of the bag it remains comfortable even as you fill it up.  So take it shopping, great for many items from groceries to the odds and ends you pick up running errands, and you don’t need the store’s plastic bag.  Throw in a towel, sunscreen, water bottle, bathing suit and you’re ready for a day at the beach.  It’s also great for a day at the gym, dance studio or going to yoga.  And, it makes a super diaper bag.  Because of the laminate lining you can throw in your dirty smelly gym or yoga clothes or dirty diapers and soiled kids clothes and you won’t ruin the bag.  All you have to do is wash with a damp soapy cloth or use our yoga mat and bag spray.  If the outside of the bag gets dirty, throw it in the washer and hang dry.  It’s that simple.        

We made the Sling bag deep so you can hold many things.  It has two large pockets, ( 6”x 8”) on the inside and outside of the bag.  There is also a zippered pocket on the outside which is great for keys, credit cards, money, or anything you need to get to easily. And, it comes in six great colors.



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