Go Anywhere bag

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This bag is not just a great yoga bag, which, by the way it is, but it’s also super for many things.  I use it when I go swimming.  I roll my towel, like a yoga mat, clip on and I have plenty of room for my swimming suit, change of clothes, swimming shoes, my medium carry all bag full of shampoo, body wash  and a scrubby, and more.  I also use it when traveling.  I’m that person you see lugging a pillow around in the airports, and I’m probably the person who forgot the pillow you see sitting in the chair next to you at the airport.  I need my own pillow when I travel.  Well, with the Go Anywhere bag, I just clip it on in front and I’m ready to go.  And the inside of the bag is large enough for me to bring a computer, a change of clothes, make-up bag, and a book.  And the pocket on the back is great for my ereader or ipad.  All the things I would need if my luggage got lost, which of course we all know never happens.  Some people use it as a briefcase, carrying their computer and work papers or books for school. So wherever you go, whatever you do, your Go Anywhere bag should be going  with you.  

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