As many of you know, one of Rowve's core values is giving back to the community.  In May we sponsored Amy Clover and the 30 x 30 Project by donating $1.00 for every Facebook like we received as well as a % of the profit of all bags sold.  From now through the end of November we are supporting The Art of Yoga Project.  The Art of Yoga Project is a non-profit organization that provides"... early intervention treatment and rehabilitation services to at risk, incarcerated and exploited teenage girls in the juvenile justice system".   Their mission is to guide the at risk youth toward "accountability to self, others, and community.  They do this with a team of trained yoga instructors, artists and therapist. 

In the coming weeks we will share more with you about this great project.  You can also learn more about it by visiting their website at www.theartofyogaproject, or visiting their Facebook page.  Help us spread the word about this great organization and supporting the work they do.



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