Rowve has been pleading with you, for quite some time, to use a Rowve bag instead of a plastic bag. We have shared with you various facts regarding the impact of using plastic bags; the effect on the environment, our oceans, wild life and ocean life. And, we have even given some suggestions of when you can use a Rowve bag instead of a plastic bag. However, I’m not sure we are adequately getting our message across. So, over the weekend I researched the many ways people use or reuse plastic bags. And to be honest I was a bit surprised.   So I thought that for the next few weeks I will share what I have uncovered regarding the many uses of plastic bags, and at the same time, when appropriate, explain how and why a Rowve bag would be so much better. As we all know Rowve bags are better for the .environment, you can use one Rowve bag for years and years. How many times, realistically, can you reuse a plastic bag? Rowve bags are far more attractive than your plastic bags, (my biased, honest, and correct opinion), a few Rowve bags will do the work of hundreds of plastic bags; they are so much easier to store, than plastic, (you know how difficult it is to store plastic bags even if you have one of those thing-a-ma-jigs you put the bag into and pull it out the other end). And, they are affordable. So stay tuned and clicked in for the “Rowve vs Plastic Bags Battle”!



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