Many of you have asked, what do you mean use Rowve instead of plastic bags? Over the past year I have tried to suggest several ways using a Rowve bag is far more practical, economical, and ecological, than using a plastic bag. But I wasn’t sure I was capturing it all. Also, I wanted to be fair and look at the ways some people use plastic bags when a Rowve bag would not be appropriate. So I did some research and over the next few months I will be presenting the many uses of the Plastic Bag. As I stated in a previous post, many of you may be surprised by the varied and creative uses of the plastic bag.

From 36 Amazing Uses for the Lowly Plastic Grocery Bag by Len Penzo, one use of the plastic grocery bag is:

       .   “Plastic bags are also great for holding dirty diapers”.

Rowve’s Medium or Large Carry All Bag is perfect for holding dirty diapers. It’s easy to clean, just use soap and water, or you can use a yoga mat spray, and the bag is clean and disinfected so you can use it again, and again, and again. The emphasis being on the Again and Again. You don’t throw it away and use another plastic bag the next time you need a container for dirty diapers.



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