Last week I went to 63 Uses for Walmart Bags, to illustrate how you can use a Rowve bag instead of a plastic bag. This week I selected one from Real Simple. The article in Real Simple stated “…fend off press powder by storing purse compact in a securely zippered plastic bag.” Yes, this would work. But, why not use a small Carry All Bag from Rowve instead? If the powder spills so what! Simple wipe the bag with a damp cloth and presto it looks like new. And, you can store so much more than simply powder, how about, lipstick, perfume, hand lotion, anything you want to be able to get to quickly without fuss and bother. Now I ask you, which is cuter? Which can you use over and over again? Yes you are right, the Rowve Carry All Bag beats out the plastic bag!

This   vs this  




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