It has amazed me the ideas people have come up with for reusing plastic bags.. And, I have to admit, some of them  I would not recommend using a Rowve bag.  For instance, #13 (found in Real Simple) suggests using them as Shoe protectors. Real Simple states, “It will never be a fashion trend, but tying bags over your shoes can keep you from tracking mud into the house or protect slippers from dirt, snow or rain when you run out to fetch the paper”.

Please DON’T USE ROWVE BAGS IN THIS MANNER! Not so practical.   However, idea  #46 from 63 Ways to use WalMart Bag recommends Storing “…your shoes in plastic bags when you have them inside your suitcase to keep from making the rest of your clothing stink like your smelly feet.” Now for this one I would highly recommend using a Rowve Bag.




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